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Defgemz Creative Digital Agency: “We are the left & right hemisphere; thoughtful creative, strategically hands-on, data-driven within context. Sports, music, digital media & brands is what we live most. Reaching, triggering and engaging people. Here we are! Results-driven & people-minded. We are (Angelo)Dutch and part of Sportaneous BV. We are located in Amsterdam & Harderwijk, The Netherlands.

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Preferred digital media supplier: data-minded

Defgemz is preferred supplier for partner Endrse and their clients and we use their intelligent social profiler (powered by Watson from IBM) for optimising content on all the main social media channels. Why? First of all we want to predict, enhance and improve in real time. Secondly, we like to be as accountable as we can be in all the steps we take. Together Defgemz & Endrse have the optimal proposition for our main clients when it comes to influencer marketing; a perfect alliance.  That is, they have tool for gathering the relevant data, we have the marketing & media skills mixed with creativity. Additionally, Defgemz uses various other online tools to keep the sports & entertainment organisations & brands we work for vital on all aspects.

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Defgemz adds marketing value via these three aspects

#1. We strategically help sports & entertainment agencies to reposition and innovate their business & brands and look at their business, value & communication propositions (i.e. service design).

#2. We launch and/or revitalise brands by creative cross media content, campaigns & formats and manage brands’ online reputation

#3. Defgemz creatively and business-mindedly helps top sporters (from sports agencies) and artists (from bookings agencies) to connect with relevant brands and aim at equal benificial long term relationships between all parties. Sports Marketing & Entertainment Marketing.

Influencers, brands love it. Defgemz cares!

We work with reputable persons from the sports & entertainment worlds.  We co-manage their interesting earned and owned media channels. And those social media channels could be really awesome for brands who (are planning to) use influencers in their media mix! We creatively connect brands to those reputable persons (a.o. football players & DJ’s) and co-create towards representative and appealing moments of brand truth in cooperation with the selected sporters, musicians and their management. Reaching, triggering and engaging their followers, your preferred target audiences, with compelling stories and resonating branding campaigns. Are you an interested brand or media agency, brand owner, manager or other? Let’s connect!

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Evytal Sports Management. Are you a professional (e)Sports Athlete and/or Artist? Need international representation? Reach out to us and contact us here. Our international operative agency Evytal is specialised in sports Europe-Brazil representation. We are located in Amsterdam and Sao Paulo.

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